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Nowadays, An Nong Group is including 04 companies which are located in Vietnam : An Nong Co., Ltd – US Chemical Co., Ltd. – Gold Ocean Co., Ltd. and USAgro Co., Ltd and 01 company in  Cambodia : AnNong Cambodia Co., Ltd. Besides, An Nong group has many branches in HoChiMinh City, AnGiang province, KienGiang province, Tra Vinh province. . . . .The main activities of  An Nong group are in the fields of Pesticides, Fertilizers, household and health chemicals and real estate . . . . . .


An Nong Group is established on Feb, 25 1996 with the first name of small company being An Nong Private company in Di An – Binh Duong Province. The first stage, the company is a dealer of pesticide from Pesticide state company and foreign company.


We spent the difficult stage from the beginning days of small company such as : capital, kind of company, infrastructure and experiences . . . . In the year of 2000 when the government permits the private economy taking more and more in the field of pesticide, we quickly have gotten that chance. We have registered some of the company’s first trade names in the list of permitted pesticide from Vietnam Plant Protection Department, so that we could do ourselves in our business: directly import from foreign suppliers and distribute to all of Vietnam. In this stage, with the our company’s policy : stable in strategies, right decision in tactics, flexible in practice, doing with all partner on the slogan : Prestige – Quality – Suitable price – Comfortableness , we quickly have developed and making strong list of Pesticide – Fertilizer including various kind : Insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, Plant growth regulator and molluscicides . . . .so that, day after day  we could enhance the prestige with the dealers and suppliers in domestic and foreign. We can do business ourselves with stable suppliers and strong retailers.


With the aim of development in production, An Nong Group changed the new location of manufacture in the end of year 2005 that was located at Duc Hoa 1, Hanh Phuc Industrial Zone  - Duc Hoa District, Long An Province. On the during of innovation, An Nong Group built the new manufacture with new and modern machines, full lines of production to be able to produce all of kinds of Agro-chemicals, fertilizer, household chemicals in many formulations such as : Emulsion concentration (EC), Soluble liquid (SL), Suspension Concentration (SC), Emulsion oil in water (EW), Suspo-Emulsion (SE), Micro Emulsion (ME), Wettable powder (WP), Water dispersible granular (WG), Granular (G) . . .  .with capacity to be able to supply various requests of market.


In the field of Pesticide and fertilizer, we invested more than 50 billion VND ( 2.5 Million USD) for a list of pesticide products including  200 trade names, a list of fertilizer products including 100 trade names, each trade name having many different formulations and content ( average having 2-3 formulations or concentrations per trade name) each item having many different size of packing ( average having 4-5 size of packing per formulation or content.) all of above mentions make the thousand of products to be suitable for all crops helping the farmer to have many choices of products which are good quality, more effective and lowest cost.


Besides, An Nong Group wants to develop in foreign market, so that we have registered a list of pesticide and fertilizer with more than 150 trade names in The Kingdom of Cambodia and we have already done business very good in this market. We also do for another market in the near future such as: Myanmar, Laos, Taiwan and Africa . . . coming to expand the foreign market in the world.


Aiming to develop our business, we have already made the system of product distribution with the main goal: widely system of distributor, various forms and channels of distributor to be suitable to each local market such as: first level agency, second level agency or ending users…..and many kinds of another business relating with unique products of our company . . . . With the main goal are our products having the competitive price on the market.

Many our products have been certificated by The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; the Ministry of Industrial and Trade; the Ministry of Science and Technology with many gold medals . . . . . .


Aiming to get the stable developments, we always develop the human resource about the quantity and quality. Now, we have more than 250 people in all the departments of our company including: Business and  Marketting department - Technical department - deliver and driver department - Accountant and Storage department - Production and Quality control department - Research and Development department. . . . All of people have been trained with new skills and knowledge. We always make the An Nong Group as the Happiness House for all staffs who can develop with our company.


To continuous development, we have invested in the field of real estate with the first step as building the house for rent or sale to low income people in that have our staffs.


Stable with our policy: Prestige – Quality – Suitable price – Comfortableness, we want to cooperate with all of the company, organization, partners in all of the field with the slogan: To do business with profit and development for both.


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目前,Annong Group包括在越南营运的四家公司:安农公司、US Chemical公司、Gold Ocean公司、US Agro公司及在柬埔寨营运的一家公司An Nong Co., CombodiaAnnong Group也有驻胡志明市、安江、坚江、朔莊等地方的分公司。Annong Group的营运领域主要包括:植物保护剂、肥料、家用制品、不动产等。


经历了创业初时规模、资金、基础设施、经验等方面的困难,当政府允许私人经济成分多多参与植物保护领域时,本公司管理层迅速掌握时机,本公司2000年已成功登记越南许可流通的植物保护剂目录中的贸易产品,开始主动经营,从直接进口至流通经销。坚信的战略,大胆的战术,灵活的执行,资源的利用,以信誉 品质 价格竞争 服务周到为方针,本公司迅速蜕变,不断发展,制造一系列强大的植物保护剂、肥料产品,除虫、除病、除草、督促生长、除螺蛳等产品品种丰富,从而提高其国内外的信誉,完全自主经营,输入货源稳定,输出经销系统强大。

为扩大生产规模,2005年底,Annong Group迁移到现在的新地点,即隆安省德和县幸福社德和一工业区。Annong Group不断完善,建设了工厂,投入先进的机器设备,封闭的生产线能够生产各种植物保护剂,肥料,家用制品,ECSLSCEW等液体产品,WPWG等粉末产品,G等颗粒产品,公共医疗用品,消灭昆虫(蚊子、苍蝇、蟑螂、蚂蚁等)的除虫家用品,浸泡灭蚊制品的蚊帐,有能力供应产品满足多样化的市场需求。




为稳定发展,我们不断巩固内部职员工队伍的数量和品质,从当初的几个人到目前的250多个职员工,以专业化方式对其进行培训,包括业务、营销、技术、交接、司机、仓库、会计、生产、品质分析管制、新产品开发等部门。关心照料全体员工的生活,Annong Group如同一个家庭,愿意接受所有人才一同发展。


坚持于信誉 品质 - 价格竞争 服务周到的方针,我们希望能与所有领域的组织、机构、合作伙伴以友谊、平等、双赢的精神共同合作。




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